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Moto Clube de Faro - The Headquarters

​The construction of the new headquarters was a dream for many years, finally realized in 2011, on land provided by the Municipality, excellently located at the east end of Faro, on Avenida Cidade Hayward.
In addition to serving as the club's base of operations, the new headquarters has been a point of interest since its opening, with solidarity concerts, motorcycle presentations, sports demonstrations, or used fairs such as "Mototralha", held every last Sunday of each month, thus contributing to the cultural dynamism of the city.
The new facilities also improved the conditions that the Club already offered for the eventual stay of visiting motorcyclists, which some motorized "Globetrotters" have already used.

Proud of MCF and the City of Faro, the new headquarters is ready to support another generation of motorcycling enthusiasts.

The MCF also has a warehouse attached to the concentration site, which constitutes the Club's "logistics base", where all the logistical material (tables, benches, stalls, etc.) our focus but also to support most of the collective activities carried out in the Faro region. In addition to the storage function, the warehouse is the base that allows us to set up essential services for the concentration, such as the field hospital, fire department coordination center, civil protection, Red Cross, etc. Technical services are also based in the warehouse, such as electricity, plumbing, carpentry and others. Another well-known function of the warehouse is the assembly of the registration area, which is of great importance for the smooth running of the concentration.

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