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The origins of the Moto Clube de Faro date back to the 1970s, when a group of friends began, still not suspecting future success, to participate in motorcycling activities, such as motocross and speed. This association, with around 30 members, resulted in the formation and legalization of the Moto Clube de Faro, on February 5, 1982, practically all of them owning motorcycles or motorcycles. At the time, the creative spirit revealed itself in the success of the organization of some speed competitions in cycling circuits (Loulé and Tavira tracks), and motocross competitions in Faro, attracting more people to the group, developing and implementing the affection for the two wheels. Now, with 31 years of formal existence, after passing through three offices, increasing the number of members to more than 400, and having some logistical means of its own, the work carried out is a reason of honor, and more challenges are expected in the future, required by the dimension by the entrepreneurial spirit and whenever possible innovative. Register the recognition of  European Motorcycling Federation (FEMA), with which it maintains collaboration.

A brief history of the event, which has taken place in Faro since 1982.

The space that since its opening has been a point of interest.

The history of the symbol sewn into the back of the vest.

Brief summary of the most important facts.

The Motoclube de Faro in Photos


Zé Amaro

Fernando Fernandes

Luís Dias

Gaspar Gago

Pedro Batista

Conselho Fiscal

José Armando

Orlanda Logar


Assembleia Geral


João Fernandes

Marco Felício

A brief history of the event, which has taken place in Faro since 1982.

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