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The "Pano"

The "Pano"  of the Moto Clube Faro or, for the less knowledgeable, the symbol sewn into the back of the vest so well known and cherished today, was not always as it is known.

Like everything else at the Club, the logo also went through several phases before reaching what it is today.

Here, you can visit our "gallery of honor" and get to know (or remember) the Panos from other times.


It is not and never was a cloth. I only put this logo here because it was the first graphic reference I found in the history of the Club, appearing in the pamphlet of the first concentration (1982).


The first "Pano", at the time mostly sewn into frayed and frayed denim vests from constant use, covered with medals evocative of past glories  (1982-1990).


At this stage, it was already possible to guess what the logo would be, keeping the central logo of the previous cloth (inverted on the horizontal axis) but already using the tripartite formula. The motto "Live to ride, ride to live" makes its appearance in red lettering encircling the wheel. This cloth was already starting to be sewn into leather vests, made specifically by the late Miguel Maria, now a little lighter following a selection of metal hanging due to excess weight.  (1990-1994).


The Pano.

In its current evolution, the Moto Clube Faro logo has become a cult object for some, admiration and respect for others, a dream for others and a nightmare for others. Yes, our current logo fills the nightmares of those who have to reproduce it, with its impossible-to-find typeface (no, it's not Old English) and its wheel of fortune in minute detail that require hours of work drawing to those who do not have access to the original drawings. Currently, it is almost exclusively sewn into black leather vests (although there is no requirement) and the most popular accessories are Indian jewelry items. Maybe one day it will evolve into a laser watermark or a chip implanted in the ear, but for now we think it's beautiful and we're very proud to flaunt it.  (1994-????).

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