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Sword Art Online Minecraft Server Cracked Survival




You may also want to visit our Handmade Loot Exchange Event page, where you can earn in-game crafting items and traps by sharing your handmade loot. Hello, I have decided to host a Minecraft Server, which is based off the anime Sword Art Online (SAO). SAO . This game is different from other Minecraft servers, this game is very hardcore and you will need to know the basics of Minecraft to play. You will need to have a good team to beat even the hardest levels of SAO. I am currently still working on it, but you can join now. Once I have more resources I will host a more streamline server for those who are new to SAO. You will need to join Discord to be apart of this server. I would ask that you guys don't grief us, it's a new server and we are trying to gather a good team. I would also like to thank all of the helpers that have already joined and played. Without your help we wouldn't have gotten this far. If you are new to Minecraft, I would like to recommend the Official Minecraft Guidebook by Magty and most of the youtube Minecraft Guides. Other Guides I would like to recommend are: Minecraft Memes, For more on Minecraft Guild Wars and Minecraft Guides, I would like to recommend these. Since the guides are about so much, I would like to say that it's a good idea to look at the Main Page, FAQ and the people who are active in the server. You will need a decent amount of trust and, if you are a new user, I would be nice to have some of your help. This server is not meant to be a server where players can grief each other. I also would like to say, and thank you to anyone that will not grief us. I am, also going to change some of the rules and rules about hacks. Thank you and have fun! Main page: FAQ: Rules: Controlled by: Millaijus Wukong Code of Conduct: #2016-12-30 I have created a Discord Server to help each other and hopefully make this




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Sword Art Online Minecraft Server Cracked Survival

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